PRODUCT Description

  • 150W
  • HID
  • Active


General Characteristics

Lamp Type Pulse Start Metal Halide
Base Type Mogul
Rated Life (Instant Start @12 h)
Rated Life (Instant Start @3 h)
TCLP Compliance

Electrical Data

Lamp Watts
Frequency (Hz)
Nominal Lamp Voltage (V)
Nominal Lamp Current (mA)

Photometric Data

Initial Lumens
Mean Lumens
Lumens Per Watt
Correlated Color Temperature (K)
Color Rendering Index (CRI)

Physical Data

Bulb Diameter (inch)
Nominal Length (inch)
A: Max. Base Face to Base Face  
B: Max. Base Face to Opposing Pin  
C: Max. Overall Length (MOL)  
Lamp disposal regulations may vary, consult with your local and state regulations. For more information on lamp recycle, please check:

Lamp Dimension & Mortality Curve