LED Wall Solutions

We offer the most comprehensive range of LED display solutions available in the north American marketplace, including superior COB fine-pitch video with industry-exclusive features: • Exquisite display quality, with higher contrast ratio, color coordination, brightness control range, and high dynamic range (HDR) for unsurpassed immersive viewing experience • Truly seamless video wall without bezel gaps • Hardened protective surface that is highly impact resistant • IP65 wterproof surface eliminates damage caused by inadvertent contact in interactive venues

  • COB Technology

    COB Technology

    COB, the Chip on Board technology is unique process of packing the RGB LED chips on Circuirt Board.

  • GOB Technology

    GOB Technology

    GOB, is one of the specical potting resin technology applied on the RGB LED chips over surface mounting process. 

  • SMD Technology

    SMD Technology

    SMD, the most popular and standard packaging technology for applying the RGB LED chips on PCB.

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